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Technical Questions

Our online training is hosted by Vimeo, a popular streaming service like YouTube. If you're having problems streaming the video, here are a couple things that you might want to try:

  1. Video is Interrupted: When the video is jumpy or stops midway through viewing, the presentation has not finished loading. This means that your connection to the internet is slow (for instance, using a DSL line), so you need to give the presentation an opportunity to load. To do this, hit play and then immediately hit pause. Wait about ten minutes and enough of the presentation should be downloaded so that you can watch it without interruption.
  2. The Viewing Screen is Blacked Out: Your office has a firewall that prevents you from watching streamed video. If you're office prevents you from watching streamed video from sites like Vimeo and YouTube, then you will need to contact your tech support department. They should be able to give you access that will allow you to watch the presentation. As a last resort, our presentation has been optimized for all mobile devices. If you do intend to watch the presentation from your device, ensure that you're connected to a wifi (or you will use a lot of data).

To get your certificate of training, you need to click the button below the "Start/Review Training" button that says, "Get Training Certificate." Once you click this button, take the short quiz to get your personalized certificate. The "Get Training Certificate" button is located on the same page where you downloaded training materials and clicked to begin the training. You may need to scroll down the page to see the button (as well as the button to start the mock test).

Questions About My Notary Stamp

The easiest way to find this information is to go to the verify a notary link on the secretary of state's website. Enter your name and you’ve see all your notary information.

Provide us with your notary stamp information after you have been commissioned as a notary. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Navigate to the page that says How to Become A Notary (this is the first page that you see when logging into the website).
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  4. Enter the required information.
  5. After entering the required information, click "Submit".
You will receive your seal within the next five to eight business days of ordering. We'll send you a tracking number when your stamp is shipped.

General Questions About Training

We provide a money back guarantee for unused products within 60 days of purchase. Because notary seals are personalized, we do not offer a refund for notary seals that have been received by a user that no longer wishes to be a notary. If 60 days has elapsed, we will gladly transfer the training to another user.

We no longer provide live trainings.

We manage all payments through the website. We take all major credit cards and in some cases, we will invoice user.

Yes. As you walk through the registration process, you will be given the opportunity to set users as new or renewing notaries. Once the order is complete, the new users will receive a link to their course. You can begin this purchase on either the new or renewing notary page.

General Questions About CNS

We are based out of Littleton, Colorado.  

Notary journals and notary stamps are sometimes shipped separately. Notary journals are usually delivered within three to five business days or order or sooner. Notary stamps are delivered within five to eight business days of submitting required seal information (see above about "How To Get My Notary Seal"). Items can be expedited upon request. 

At Colorado Notary Solutions, we respect your privacy. We do this by carefully protecting information that you provide to us. The following discloses what information our web site collects from you and what we do with the information. This privacy statement is for informational purposes only and should not be viewed as a contract between you and Colorado Notary Solutions.

When you connect to our website, we are able to recognize the Internet (IP) address of the computer providing you with Internet access. Our use of this IP address may help to diagnose problems with our server or otherwise administer our website. This IP address may also be used to gather broad demographic information. Your IP address is never associated with you as an individual and never provided to another company or organization.

When you shop for products from our website, using the shopping cart, our site writes a small data file called a cookie on your computer. No personal information is placed in this file.

Our site's forms may ask or require you to give us contact information such as your email address, when you are making a purchase, and demographic information, such as your zip code. We use this information to provide information (e.g. weather delays, class cancelation, etc.), product promotions (rarely), or services that you request from us as well as fulfill our reporting requirements to the Secretary of State. We also may use your email address to send you a newsletter to provide you with updates regarding new law and best practices. You can opt out of this newsletter at any time by clicking the "unsubscribe" button in the footer of the newsletter. All financial information, such as your account or credit card numbers are processed using PayPal. CNS does not store any financial information such as credit card numbers. Any information collected is for internal Colorado Notary Solutions use and is not made available to any outside group or organization.

Our website may contain links to other sites. We cannot be responsible for the privacy practices or the content of sites that do not belong to Colorado Notary Solutions.

If you have any questions about this privacy statement, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this website, click the contact tab at our website.

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